Server-less one-step form collection with Form Scooter!

Michael Tendo
2 min readJun 22, 2020

Collect and organise your website forms …just like mail

I have lately gone through a round my methods to collect forms from my website, from PHP server side code, to cloud functions, Google Sheets, and hosting providers.

When I found services like Formspree, Formoid, I was glad to finally wire up forms direct to my email without any extra step, but these products all fell short, mostly for sending me mail branded as from them, which really disconnects me from the sender and demotivates a reply, the lack of the ability to prioritise form fields and sending confirmation email, some redirected to success page on their website as part of their advertisement which would totally disrupt the user’s flow.

Website forms are messages, I believe we should design them as such, so I have created a service called Form Scooter with one thing in mind, a form is an email, so you set the ‘to’ field where the form is delivered, you can set which field is the sender’s name, so it is shown as received from that person, as well as their email, along with the subject and message field. A copy of the submission is resent to the sender in a confirmation, this way you can add some information that you would want to send to both the sender and yourself, such as a discount coupon code, among many other hacks, which I will write about in the future.

Did I mention the dashboard gives you free unlimited submissions, and export to csv.