… distilled

… It’s harder to change state.

Income inequality

No time to waste on this

Exhaustion of opportunity

Opportunity has been the only avenue for those dealt a shitty hand, they identify an untrodden path that leads them to a scientific discovery, or a big business idea.

In Science, they can tell you; no new theorems, and the big existing businesses are fierce competition, who are also literally gating the markets, such as Twitter throttling tweets with links to prevent traffic from leaking, etc.



For the first time in a while, new inventions aren’t surprising.

In past centuries, technology has been accelerating at a faster rate than we are used to, so we tend to think that it is always ahead of the curve.
But recently I’ve found it is possible that life has accelerated at an even faster rate, that I worry we’re crashing into an Oh Dang! moment.

Simple things:

Increased social interations. We tasted this with an epidemic that went global instantly.

Health(Science): We’ve done it elsewhere; 10 minute delivery, infinite Tiktoks, still no 20 minute healthcare, it’s such a jumbled traversal of the hierarchy of needs.

We’ve used the billions of extra transistors to build sharing apps, ride sharing, home sharing, office sharing, partner sharing.



… may be just not in the real world

The promise of what could be was just so appealing.


No quantity is determinate, because determination is by comparison, say to a ruler, in other words, it requires prior determination and is impossible by contradiction.

Because of this, we can never create the 1+1, which requires two perfectly similar quantities, and wouldn’t build any more Maths.

PS: An argument could be made that creating Mathematics in the real world is a Stupid idea anyway, like if someone wanted to create a real life perfect circle, after all the circles we have look fine enough.